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Curd contains stimulating taste; it is regarded to be a lactic fermentation in the milk.

It's the most revitalizing plus versatile foodstuffs of all. Farm milk is usually preferred for preparation of curd.

It possess nutritious content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and most beneficial calcium. It is an ideal diet regime for little ones and elderly persons too.

At the time of fermentation, the bacteria help to change the milk into curd and in other hand absorbs the milk protein too. The buttermilk is the significant component produced by mixing curd with the dilution process and adding spices to enhance the taste. Buttermilk is the essential drink during summer as it turns out as a nice heat resistance for scorching sunshine days and also provides good digestion support.

Curd also has some good beauty features also. If it is applied with one tablespoon of lemon beverages, it is like a good moisturiser for skin. If anyone wants to make his or her skin fairer and softer, the mixture of oatmeal flour and the curd must be done. Applying sour curd as a pack to scalp and hair will protect it from dandruff.

Curd is undoubtedly one of the best ingredients. The most widely used food stuff always within the Indian kitchen for preparing magnificent treats. Many vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are prepared using curd. It is the most favourite food stuff eaten in the summer, it is served in the form of sweet or salt lassi. When mixed with sugar it quenches thirst and acts as an excellent body coolant and instant energizer. It can also be formed a better treat if it is combined with pepper, salt, sugar and also honey. Some of the instructions which must be followed while eating curd are:

  • It must never be boiled or heated.
  • For better taste curd can be mixed with honey or sugar before consuming.
  • When it is completely formed then only it must be used.