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Ghee - Good Source of Energy and Taste enhancer

Ghee is a purified form of dairy fat (butter and cream) extracted from dairy milk. It is an ideal source of energy for the growing children in particular. It is also used as taste enhancer of the dishes.

Ghee is mainly used in Indian cuisine and sweets.

It is an alternative to oil so very much in use in South Asian and Middle East countries. The availability of milk in these part of world have made ghee as one of the important milk product. But with the time it as become popular in every continent. The aroma and taste of ghee appeals the people to use it in their food preparation. Sweet dishes especially the confectionery items are prepared in ghee to improve the taste.

The taste and aroma of this particular product make it prominent and premium appeal test. In old times it is taken simply, directly by the people because of its qualities and usefulness, also used as an important ingredient in Ayurveda.