Sarda Dairy


A remarkable position among dairy industry

Milk Procurement System is the key factor behind the success of Sarda Dairy & Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

  • In order to bring you the best, we get our Vachan UNO milk from the best of sources.
  • At Sarda Dairy & Food Products Pvt. Ltd, we procure Vachan UNO milk from a network of collection centers across Chhattisgarh.
  • The milk collected at centres in villages is transported to the dairy in clean milk cans.
  • Sarda Dairy & Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has created integrated cold chain facilities to ensure the freshness of the milk at all stages.
  • The milk samples are checked for quality parameters.
  • After the tests are finished, the milk is confirmed to meet the strict quality parameters and then chilled.
  • Before taking it for further processing, the Vachan UNO milk is put through more tests.
  • After the tests are completed, the milk is sent for the processing and packaging purpose.
  • Special attention is put on clean and hygienic milk production, so that to ensure the highest quality of milk.