Sarda Dairy

Vachan UNO

Vachan UNO Milk: 25% more Creamy

Vachan UNO Milk - a perfect blend of rich nutrients and wholesome taste is a highly trustworthy nourishment source for your entire family.

Sarda Dairy & Food Products Pvt. Ltd. yields Vachan UNO Milk, which is 25% more thick and creamy as compared to other toned milks. Vachan UNO milk enrich the taste of your tea & coffee. Vachan UNO Milk is prepared by PHom process which meets the expectation of housewives.

Vachan UNO Milk contains nine essential nutrients and vitamins, including protein, vitamins A, D, and B12, calcium, potassium, phosphorus. Children who drink Vachan UNO milk tend to have "superior" overall nutrient intake. It is an ideal choice for people who does not want to compromise on the factor of quality.

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